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Working together, we devise a plan that is tailored specifically to your and your garden.

Initial Consultation - $60/hour 

A typical consultation runs one to two hours. We will do a walk-through of your space. I will take notes for you to keep, which will help you to prioritize your tasks. If you like, I can draw up a full garden site plan to help visualize your dream garden space at a cost of an additional $50/hour.  I will provide you with professional referrals to help you get the job done if you need them.

Extended Coaching - $55/hour

If you want to keep working with me for more than one visit, extended coaching is available.  We will use the plan we come up with together and I will help you to identify plants that are appropriate for your particular garden.  I can teach you how to amend your soil and plant your plants. I will also help you with pruning advice, general garden maintenance and any other questions you might have. Discounts available for multiple sessions.


Telephone or email consultation - 30 minutes - $25, prepaid

Additional Services - ask for a quote

I can meet with you to shop for plants and help you to create attractive garden containers. 

I am available to facilitate your garden site plan installation with landscaping contractors. I can do small pruning jobs as well. These jobs will require a deposit.

*Please note, roundtrip mileage is charged for all consultations outside of the West Seattle, Burien, or White Center areas. 

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