What is Garden Coaching?


Jenny Mandt, Owner

Garden Coaching is when I work with a client to create a plan for their garden that makes them happy and works within their budget.  A typical Garden Coaching session takes an hour or two.  We walk through the yard, while I take notes, answer any garden questions and create a personalized site plan. 


My passion for gardening started when I was very young as both my grandparents (who were avid gardeners) encouraged me to dig in the dirt.  Over the last eleven years, I have worked with customers in the garden nursery business and for the last five of those, I have been a Garden Coach.  I have had the privilege of working with over 300 clients offering expert guidance in creating their dream gardens.  Projects have ranged in size from container gardens to condo landscapes to several acre property estates.  I try to focus on organic, low maintenance, and low water need gardens.  Whether it's a flower, vegetable or shrub garden, my ultimate goal is to make the client happy.

Anyone can use a Garden Coach - the novice to the advanced gardener, the DIYer to the person who would prefer to have someone else do the work.  

What can a Garden Coach do for you?

Work with you to get a sense of who you are, your lifestyle and your goals for your dream garden

Help you to know the right plant is in the right place with proper soil and sunlight

Ensure that your gardening efforts will be successful and not waste money in the process

Tap into your own creativity and see your garden's potential